Adventures in Art is tailored for a highly customized experience. Unique in its endeavor to provide an incisive take on the art world, its private and group tours appeal to the art connoisseur, enthusiast, student and corporate client. Accompanied by its strong advisory arm, Adventures in Art is truly a boutique among boutiques.

Combining seamless luxury travel with the scholarship of experts at various sites, the company intends to bring painting, sculpture and architecture to life. Offering insights and exposure that go beyond the mere peripheral act of “seeing an object” these adventures with Karen Stone Talwar make them rare and memorable experiences.

Speakers comprised of experts, authors, gallerists, and curators will highlight the tours bringing knowledge and behind the scene access to the art world. Each meticulously planned itinerary be it to Art Basel Switzerland, Art Basel Miami, Frieze London, The Armory New York, or The India Art Fair New Delhi, will include visits to private collections and access to major museums, galleries, and historical locations. Collectors will open the way to their private homes, archives and ateliers ratifying Adventures in Arts mission to enjoy, educate and enlighten.

'Karen, thank you for all the fabulous work you did to make this trip so much fun for our donors and a chance for them to share very special experiences together… with extraordinary food and restaurant experiences and an incredibly convenient hotel location. It was perfect to cap the trip off with a festive and delicious dinner at Marea, from which people did not just not want to depart. Your restaurant selections were perfect.'
Susan Krane
Oshman Executive Director
San Jose Museum of Art
'You are a most gracious hostess and I truly enjoy your company which made our trip to New York extra special.'
Cheryl Kiddoo
San Jose Trustee
Travelled to India and New York
Doris and Sandy Nelson
Beverly Hills, California
and Paris, France
Massoud Besharat,
Owner of Besharat Gallery
Atlanta, Georgia
and Barbizon, France
Dame Jenny Gibbs
Art Collector and Patron
New Zealand
Veronique Chagnon-Burke, PHD
Director of Studies Christie’s Education
New York
Shayne Doty
VP External Affairs Asia Society
New York
Kim R. Brizzolara
Executive Vice Chair
Hampton's International Film Festival
Mr. Kenneth Courtis, Founding Partner
Themes Investment Management
and Themes Investment Partners
Former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs Asia
Chiaki Sugimura
Tokyo, Japan
Saadia Durham
Curator, Westpac Corporate Art Collection
Sydney, Australia
“What a delightful and memorable week I had in your company in Paris! I can hardly believe how much art I was able to cram in! It certainly was an adventure and I thank you for your time, planning, energy and kindness.”
Ann Soh Woods
Los Angeles, California

As Founder and CEO of Adventures in Art Karen Stone Talwar brings more than 25 years of experience in art consultancy, luxury travel, marketing and brand development, solid management experience and a mature artistic sense.

Talwar has extensive knowledge of the modern and contemporary art scene with her years of enriching experience and education at some of the most prestigious institutions and galleries. The first International Managing Director of Christie’s Travel, Talwar has also worked with Sotheby’s, Asia Society and Bodhi Art in New York, London, Mumbai and Singapore. Today, Talwar travels extensively across the globe attending major art fairs and Biennales, renewing old relations and forging new ones.

Talwar is highly meticulous and ‘experience-driven’ which has allowed her to successfully craft personalized tours for clients at Christie’s and Asia Society to Switzerland, North and South Korea, Hong Kong, India and Mongolia. Her audience has included corporate groups, collectors, artists, and student groups.

Based in New York City and Europe, Talwar has lived in London, Paris and Lausanne and has traveled extensively through Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Her passion for travel dates back to her early trips as a child. Each June her parents would take her to various parts of the world on education explorations! By the age of 18, she had seen 32 countries, including Jordan, Iran (as far down as Isfahan), Egypt, Russia, Turkey, the Iron Curtain countries and most of Europe. After graduating from Skidmore College and studying History of Art in England, combining the two passions was a natural step.